6 Mar 2015

Claims and counterclaims of Nauru refugees' mistreatment

7:41 pm on 6 March 2015

An Australia-based refugee advocates says those who were arrested have told harrowing stories of robbery, mistreatment and appalling jail conditions.

Refugees held in Nauru

Refugees held in Nauru Photo: supplied

The Refugee Action Coalition's Ian Rintoul says no food was provided for the prisoners for 24 hours and in some cases the refugees were also without water.

Mr Rintoul says in one of the cells there were 22 refugees with no toilet.

The refugees also allege local police stole mobile phones and hundreds of dollars from those in custody.

Mr Rintoul says there are numerous allegations of heavy-handedness, beatings and threats by police.

He says the authorities are also guilty of collectively punishing refugee camps by cutting the power to the compounds since the confrontation on Wednesday.

But the Nauru government has dismissed the claims.

In a statement it says police acted respectfully and lawfully at all times.