18 Mar 2015

Red Cross struggles with Kiribati post-cyclone relief

3:56 pm on 18 March 2015

The Kiribati Red Cross is struggling to deal with residents in the southern island of Tamana who are homeless after Cyclone Pam.

Its Secretary-General Meaua Tooki says aid has yet to reach the islands but reports have come in of severe damage to dozens of buildings.

"There were 65 households completely destroyed, finished. Then there were 107 houses damaged as well, affected. The total population on this island, the recent count, 857."

Ms Tooki says there has also been a call for food and water but donated goods have been hard to come by.

She says the government is sending water tanks to catch rain water tomorrow.

Kiribati damaged causeway 16x10

Cyclone Pam's storm surge damaged the causeway in Tarawa Photo: Supplied