19 Mar 2015

Kiribati cyclone recovery boat sets off today

2:58 pm on 19 March 2015

The Kiribati government says a boat will be leaving this afternoon with aid supplies for the three islands most affected by Cyclone Pam.

Palm trees in Kiribati

Palm trees in Kiribati Photo: RNZI

Its spokesperson Rimon Rimon says the Australian and New Zealand governments as well as the Red Cross are now working with Kiribati to help with disaster recovery.

He says the southern islands of Arorae, Tamana and Onotoa have borne the brunt of the destructive winds and seas with up to 4000 people affected.

He says a local government boat will carry water containers and other essential supplies.

"We're mobilising a boat that will be departing I think this afternoon to address the needs required by the southern islands. It's the southern islands, right at the south. It will take around two days to three days travel there. So we're expecting that the people there will receive help by the end of this week."

Rimon Rimon says a small medical team left by plane this morning to treat ten children on Tamana who have become sick with diarrhoea.

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