20 Mar 2015

Solomons sends aid to cyclone hit islands

10:11 am on 20 March 2015

The Solomon Islands Disaster Management Office says it isn't expecting any casualties on the cyclone-stricken islands of Tikopia and Anuta

Continuous heavy rains fall in Solomon Islands caused by Cyclone Pam in the country's east heading South East and away to Vanuatu.

Cyclone Pam brought heavy rain to Solomon Islands before heading south-east towards Vanuatu. Photo: RNZ / Margaret Maealasia

The islands are believed to have been seriously affected by Cyclone Pam, with extensive damage having been reported on Tikopia, and no contact made with Anuta.

But George Baragamu says the islands' residents have a system of traditional food storage and other procedures for cyclones that should have them in good stead.

"For example, in terms of food supplies they normally have their own methods of preserving foods that were hidden in certain areas. So we are anticipating that some of the food supplies that they have should be able to last them for maybe up to two or three weeks."

George Baragamu says two vessels being deployed from Honiara will provide emergency supplies from next week.

He says that while there is a lot of damage from Cyclone Pam in his country, the NDMO has the capacity to manage it and international assistance shouldn't be needed.