31 Mar 2015

After damaging Chuuk, Typhoon Maysak moves towards FSM's Yap

11:05 am on 31 March 2015

People in Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia are being warned to prepare for the arrival of Typhoon Maysak, which has caused severe damage and casualties in neighbouring Chuuk state.

The director of the National Emergency Management Office, Andrew Yatilman, says there are reports of damage to infrastructure, homes and crops on Chuuk and at least five people are reported to have died.

Tracking Map for Typhoon Maysak in the FSM

Tracking Map for Typhoon Maysak Photo: National Weather Service

Mr Yatilman says there is a chance the typhoon may miss Yap, but it is gaining intensity so authorities aren't taking any chances.

"The government authorities have been issuing out warnings to be prepared, to move or evacuate elderly and children to typhoon shelters."

Andrew Yatilman says even if Maysak doesn't make landfall, there will still be extreme weather in Yap over the next few days.

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