31 Mar 2015

Fiji opposition staffers without office fit-out

9:19 pm on 31 March 2015

The Fiji opposition staff say they still don't have a proper office fit-out, months after the election and beginning of parliament.

The main oppposition party, SODELPA, has recently agreed to receive its parliamentary allocation of funds, after the office of the Secretary General agreed to pay funds to the parliament office, rather than to the political party.

But the Principal Administrative Officer of the Opposition, Mick Beddoes, says he received in writing a negative response to a request for a lounge so that opposition members can meet and receive guests.

He says there's a double standard at the Secretary General's office.

"The Government offices have everything that they want, plus. There's no stopping what they've been getting and receiving. It's ridiculous, but whatever the government wants, they get but whatever the opposition asks for, we seem to have a problem. There seems to be a difficulty outfitting us."

Mick Beddoes.

Fiji's Members of Parliament

Fiji's Members of Parliament Photo: Fiji Department of Information