1 Apr 2015

Opposing views after Nauru refugee knifed

4:43 pm on 1 April 2015

An Australian refugee advocate says an Iranian refugee on Nauru has become the latest victim of anti-refugee violence there, but police suggest it may have been a case of self-harm.

Nauru is trying to overturn a decision that froze the country's bank accounts.

Conflicting reports about injury of a refugee Photo: AFP

Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition says the man was attacked by two locals, one of who slashed him with a knife.

A Nauru government official has confirmed that a refugee is being treated for a cut wound on his arm, but she says it could have been a self-inflicted injury.

She says this is still to be confirmed.

Mr Rintoul says attacks on refugees on Nauru have become increasingly common after a series of protests on the island last month.

No foreign journalist has visited Nauru since the government introduced a non-refundable 8,000 visa application fee in January last year.