PNG opposition calls for debate on regional governments

12:52 pm on 13 April 2015

Papua New Guinea's opposition has called for national debate on the viability of autonomous regional governments.

Papua New Guinea Opposition Leader, Don Polye

Papua New Guinea Opposition Leader, Don Polye Photo: Supplied

The opposition leader Don Polye has suggested that each of PNG's four regions should be given autonomy so that provinces within these regions can elect, legislate and regulate administrative and economic activities.

The call comes as a number of PNG's 22 provinces continue to argue the case for greater autonomy for provincial governments.

Mr Polye says that creating autonomous regional governments might be a way forward to achieve greater results in the management of resources, wealth creation and service delivery.

He argues that provincial economies and populations are too small for any meaningful outcomes on social and economic fronts.

The Kandep MP claims that provinces would benefit from integration into a broader economic base forged under a common regional administration, and wants the government to open up discourse about it.

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