24 Apr 2015

Free West Papua rally in Nigeria

11:10 am on 24 April 2015

The campaign to push West Papuan independence from Indonesia continues to spread in Africa with a Free West Papua protest being held in Nigeria.

Free West Papua rally, Lagos, Nigeria.

Free West Papua rally, Lagos, Nigeria. Photo: Supplied

The protest outside the Indonesian Embassy in Lagos was organised by the Pan African Consciousness Resistance and follows a surge of support from South Africa for a Free West Papua.

A protestor at the event said that Africans support the rights of peoples whose right to self-determination has been denied.

"Like the people in West Papua. For us as pan-Africans, this is a global struggle, just like we waged against the apartheid regime in South Africa, just like we waged struggle against racism in America against African Americans..."

Meanwhile, Indonesia's government says West Papuans are experiencing more development in their region.

Jakarta is also making efforts to better recognise and promote Papuan culture with plans to host a major Melanesian culture and arts event in October.