5 May 2015

Fiji's MIDA: Any review would be inclusive

2:34 pm on 5 May 2015

Fiji's media authority chief says any review of the country's media laws should first involve discussions with all the stakeholders in Fiji.

According to FBC News, the Media Industry Development Authority, has said it is open to talks on revising the Media Decree saying that nothing is ever set in stone.

Its chairman Ashwin Raj earlier told an FBC TV debate democracy means many actors can have a say in a piece of legislation which governs everyone's lives in the industry and it shouldn't be a life sentence.

Ashwin Raj, chair of Fiji's media authority MIDA

Ashwin Raj, chair of Fiji's media authority MIDA Photo: RNZ / Republika

Mr Raj says it is a delicate discussion for people in Fiji to have.

He says various stakeholders would need to be consulted including media houses, civil society and the government.

The Media Decree has been in force since 2010.

The Multinational Observer Group which monitored Fiji's elections last year recommended a review of penalties in the decree for election-related reporting.