11 May 2015

Better upkeep of Samoa breadfruit trees to boots income

11:17 am on 11 May 2015

The owner of a food company in Samoa says improvements to the maintenance of breadfruit trees will help farmers increase their yield and income.

Natural Foods International in Samoa mills breadfruit to create gluten free flour, which it sells in the New Zealand market, as well as to a brewery in Samoa.


Breadfruit Photo: Supplied

Its chief executive, Papalii Grant Percival, says he has put forward a proposal to the government, asking for help in supporting farmers improve their crop yields.

He says currently farmers just wild-gather the breadfruit that he buys, but the quality of the fruit, and the volume can be improved.

"They're not maintaining it, they're not looking after it. It's not just a case of pruning it because pruning actually encourages growth. It's a bit of both, it's pruning & trimming so as to allow more sunshine in and increased production."

Papalii Grant Percival says an increase in volume and weight of the fruit will mean payments to farmers will increase.