14 May 2015

Fiji opposition intends to flout SG's directive

1:09 pm on 14 May 2015

The opposition SODELPA party in Fiji says it still intends to hold constituency meetings despite not fulfilling a requirement for them to have permits.

SODELPA says the Solicitor General told police this week that the party must apply for permits for the constituency meetings under the Public Order Act.

The party disagrees and has called the directive a travesty of justice.

SODELPA's Mick Beddoes says the Act is meant for large gatherings in public, open spaces, not for constituency meetings in church halls.

Mr Beddoes says the Solicitor-General's move also seems to infringe on people's rights under the Bill of Rights.

"Their political rights, freedom of movement, freedom of speech, assembly, freedom of association. All this is being denied. Therefore it's a big issue. One that we are going to look at in more detail but for the moment we have scheduled meetings for tonight and tomorrow and at this juncture it is our intention to proceed with that."

Mr Beddoes says the government is holding similar public meetings without a permit.