16 May 2015

Quick-thinking bus driver halts Vanuatu thief

5:01 pm on 16 May 2015

A Vanuatu man who stole a bag of money from a relief concert for victims of Cyclone Pam was arrested thanks to the quick thinking of a local bus driver.

The driver, who has not been named, says a man hopped on his bus with a bag of coins and offered to pay him many times the required fare to take him to where he wanted to go.

But the driver, who was also at the 'Givhan Music Concert' in Port Vila, recognised the bag as that used to collect donations from concert-goers.

He then told other passengers to hop off the bus, and told the man with the coins that he had to go and get fuel for the journey.

But instead, he locked the doors and drove quickly to the police station, where he then jumped out and shouted for police to arrest the man.

Police later returned the bag of money to the concert organisers.