28 May 2015

Tanna chief backs Vanuatu squatter ultimatum

2:10 pm on 28 May 2015

A chief from Tanna in Vanuatu has welcomed an ultimatum given by chiefs near Port Vila for squatters to vacate their plots by August the 18th.

Chief Peter Marcel Nikiatu from Lenakel says he believes most squatters at Mele village are from Tanna and he has appealed to them to recognise what is right and what is not.

He says they should harvest their crops within the three-month period and leave peacefully.

The chief, who is also a prominent landowner of Lenakel, says he is working to provide anenvironment which is conducive to investment opportunities in Black Man Town at Lenakel.

He also says the devastation of Tanna by Cyclone Pam came as a blessing in disguise because now his people are working hard to rebuild their communities and island.