1 Jun 2015

Digital project could lead Cook Islands Maori revival

2:12 pm on 1 June 2015

An award-winning online database is hoping to play a part in reviving the Cook Islands Maori language.

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Photo: AFP

The Cook Islands Internet Action Group recently won 'Best Digital Leader' at the Pacific ICT Day Awards for their language database which has thousands of users.

Project leader Ano Tisam says the database contains more than 6,000 words and has received positive feedback from Cook Islanders both at home and abroad.

Mr Tisam says he believes that digital projects could lead the way in reconnecting youth with their language and culture.

"It's definitely something that we've identified as the way forward because a lot of kids, they're into technology and stuff and this might be one way to engage them. So far from what we've got back in terms of feedback we seem to be on the right track. It's just having dialogue and figuring out what are the key things we need to do to help preserve especially Pacific languages because a lot of them are starting to be endangered."