2 Jun 2015

Claims Nauru refugees get unfair health care

12:22 pm on 2 June 2015

The Refugee Action Coalition says refugees resettled on Nauru aren't getting the health care they need.

The group has highlighted the case of an Iranian boy who's broken arm needs to be reset after he was treated at Nauru's hospital.

It's calling for Australia's Immigration Minister to send him to Australia for treatment.

The coalition says the boy is a victim of Australian government policy that provides different levels of care to asylum seekers in detention and those found to be refugees and living outside the camps.

Protesting refugees at the asylum seeker processing centre on Nauru.

Photo: Supplied

The group says when it was discovered the boy had been classed as a refugee his parents were told he would have to be treated on Nauru.

The Coalition says a 36 year old woman refugee needs an MRI scan but those facilities don't exist on Nauru while another woman has gynaecological problem which have been left untreated.

Meanwhile Nauru's health minister, Valdon Dowiyogo, has asked Australia to send a specialist medical team to treat the boy as soon as possible.