4 Jun 2015

Guam dealing with post-storm housing shortage

11:48 am on 4 June 2015

Authorities in Guam are hoping for US federal assistance to address the hundreds of people still homeless almost three weeks after Typhoon Dolphin passed the island.

The President of the Guam Housing Corporation Martin Benavente says at least 80 families are currently using canopies for shelter and people are still coming into the office asking for assistance.

Mr Benavente says the GHC has run out of tents but is trying to find rental properties to alleviate the problem.

He says local authorities are dealing with the issue without federal assistance.

"They still have not declared Guam a federal disaster area so whatever help they're getting is coming from just the local government and then we have the Red Cross here and also with a group of church related groups that are helping out."

Mr Benavente says Guam has requested federal assistance but has not received a reply.