Bougainville women's MP wants mining law rethink

12:36 pm on 9 June 2015

A Bougainville women's MP, returning to parliament after a five year break, wants a rethink on the mining law she says was rushed through by the previous administration.

The autonomous Papua New Guinea region is focussing on a resumption of mining to spark its economy and in March, just before the election process began the ABG passed a mining law.

The government has hailed it as a world first because it ensures landowners have control over the resources on their land.

But Francesca Semoso, who won the North Bougainville women's seat in last month's election, still has concerns and will push for the parliament to reconsider it.

"If the Mining Law that was passed by the Momis government is OK the way it is - that is what they are saying - [but] for me I have actually had a look at 3 sections of that mining bill which are totally unconstitutional, and again, it doesn't protect the people of Bougainville who own the land."