Bougainville discontent linked to poor knowledge of LPV

4:21 pm on 10 June 2015

There are calls for more education on the preferential voting system used in the just completed election in Bougainville.

The vote count in the autonomous Papua New Guinea region finished at the weekend and there are now some claims of fraud with some candidates are preparing legal challenges.

But Francesca Semoso, who won the North Bougainville women's seat after initially lying fifth in the count, says many people still do not understand the Limited Preferential Vote, or LPV, system that is used.

Ms Semoso wants to see more education before any future poll.

"So when you understand the LPV and you campaign you ask for 1, even for 2, even for 3. I understand how the system works and that is why I have been saying 1 and 2 and 3 are important numbers."

Bougainville election officials check ballot papers

Bougainville election officials check ballot papers Photo: supplied

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