12 Jun 2015

Solomon Airlines starts Sydney flights

3:13 pm on 12 June 2015

Solomon Airlines has started its weekly service to Sydney, flying out of Honiara on a Monday and returning on Tuesday.

Solomon Airlines

Solomon Airlines Photo: Supplied

The carrier's commercial services manager says the launch is slightly early and he would have liked to have had more time for sales teams to promote the service.

Gus Kraus says flights are running at 40-50 percent capacity but he is hoping this will improve as more people become aware of the service.

"We are working with a company called Ignite in Australia. They are part of the group that actually developed My Fiji and My Bali and My Phuket type campaigns. So we are spending some real hard earned funds into the Australian market to give that tourism a push."

Mr Kraus says most Solomon Airlines passengers to and from Australia are travellers on business or visiting family members.