13 Jun 2015

ACP calls EU's EPA deferral unacceptable

7:59 pm on 13 June 2015

The organisation of African, Carribean and Pacific countries says the European Union's decision to defer negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement unacceptable.


The ACP-EU will be taking place in Suva, Fiji. Photo: AFP

The EU last month proposed a three year deferral after negotiations for the region-wide deal reached a stalemate after 11 years of discussions.

But the Fiji Times reports the ACP's secretary-general, Dr Patrick Gomes, saying the deferral was unrealistic, and the he hopes to resolve it next week at a joint ACP-EU parliamentary assembly.

Mr Gomes says such an agreement would be important to the ACP's economic goals in terms of investment and financing to move their developing countries forward.