15 Jun 2015

Vanuatu MP confident he has numbers to topple government

9:51 am on 15 June 2015

Vanuatu's opposition leader says he is confident the opposition has the numbers to pass a motion of no confidence in the Sato Kilman government this week.

Vanuatu politician Edward Natapei

Vanuatu politician Edward Natapei Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

Mr Kilman took government on Thursday after the then-opposition ousted the previous government of Joe Natuman in its own motion of no confidence.

But less than 24 hours later, Edward Natapei submitted his own motion with the parliament's speaker, which will be voted on on Thursday.

Mr Natapei says he submitted it because a change in government to a Sato Kilman regime will affect the country's recovery from Cyclone Pam.

"It is our concern that this recent change in government could delay the implementation of Pam's recovery programmes, which will affect the donor partners' confidence in assisting Vanuatu. We feel that with a new government and people in place who are not familiar with it, it could just cause further delays."

Edward Natapei has also denied that Cyclone Pam has started to be used by MPs for political gain.

Mr Natapei also says there are too many motions, and if he becomes part of the government this week, he will try to organise a referendum for a constitutional change.

"We in Vanuatu need to sit down and get our act together so that we put in a section in the constitution to ensure that there should be a limitation on the number of motions and limitations on members of parliament crossing the floor so that ensure that there is stability in the government and in the country."