17 Jun 2015

Fiji police send warning on use of social media

9:46 am on 17 June 2015

Fiji's police commissioner has warned Fijians to take care on social media when commenting about the newly-released 23 flag designs.

A selection of the finalists of Fiji's new flag

A selection of the finalists of Fiji's new flag Photo: newfijiflag.com

In a media conference on Tuesday, journalists asked Ben Groenewald about citizens venting their frustrations with negative comments about the Fiji Government's process in choosing a new flag for the country.

Commissioner Groenewald said cyber-crime through social media is a concern and the police have previously warned people not to use social media for crimes such as inciting violence.

He said the police have the technology to identify people and will take steps against them if their use of social media contravenes Fiji's laws.

Police confirm, however, that so far no reports have been received about online comments.