20 Jun 2015

Opposition MPs on Nauru accused of trying to destabilise govt

1:50 pm on 20 June 2015

Nauru's government says it has deployed extra police to prevent further protests on the island and has again accused suspended opposition MPs of trying to destabilise the government.

The island has been in the midst of a government crackdown on the opposition this week, following an anti-government protest on Tuesday which has so far seen three MPs arrested and one have his passport confiscated.

In a statement, the government says the opposition is trying to score political points from the protest, calling it a blatant criminal act in which ten police officers were hurt and needed medical treatment.

The government has also denied claims that opposition MP Mathew Batsiua was entraped into a false meeting with the president before being arrested on Tuesday.

It has also confirmed that another MP Roland Kun, was stopped from leaving the island and had his passport confiscated.

It says Mr Kun was fleeing the scene of a crime and will have his passport returned if he is found not to have broken the law.

The government has also hit out at foreign media, saying giving airtime to the opposition MPs was shameful.