22 Jun 2015

Sport: NFL star urges students to succeed at school

11:49 am on 22 June 2015

Newly retired NFL veteran Troy Polamalu is back in American Samoa to hold further summer camps for local high schools students, targeting both sporting and academic success.

The 34 year old Polomalu announced his retirement in April after 12 years as safety of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Close to 2000 students have signed up for the football and volleyball clinics and academic and life skills classes, with medical clinics beginning tomorrow.

Polomalu has also brought with him more than 150 football and volleyball athletes, coaches, doctors and nurses to the territory for the week-long FaaSamoa Initiative.

At a Parents Symposium on the weekend, Troy Polamalu urged parents to push their children to do well in school.

"When my coach would tell me to do things - go work out for two hours, two hours of work wasn't enough for me. I had to go put in another two hours because I just didn't want to be

an ordinary football player. The same is for academics: when your student comes home with homework and he's got 30 minutes of homework to do at home you've got to add on another 30 minutes because you want your child to be a special student as well. It's the same thing in sports is the same thing in school".

The Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation is also bringing three forty foot containers of sports gear, medical supplies and equipment which will be distributed free of charge.

Retired NFL star Troy Polomalu is visiting American Samoa.

Retired NFL star Troy Polomalu is visiting American Samoa. Photo: RNZI / Monica Miller