24 Jun 2015

Regional parliamentary hub proposed for Pacific

6:59 pm on 24 June 2015

The Inter-Parliamentary Union plans to set up a regional hub in the Pacific to improve the region's parliaments and address issues like poor women's representation.

The Geneva-based organisation brings together 166 parliaments from around the world, six of them in the Pacific.

The IPU's Secretary-General, Martin Chungong says an office could be set up in either New Zealand or Australia to help other parliaments in the region.

"Parliaments have the moral responsibility to assist other parliaments in improving their functioning and that is what we're all about trying to encourage this cross-fertilisation, the co-mingling of experiences and practices."

Mr Chungong says Fiji has just joined the group whose Pacific members also comprise Samoa, Tonga, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.