26 Jun 2015

Call for Cooks Islands to go to polls

2:59 pm on 26 June 2015

A former MP in the Cook Islands says a slim majority has rendered the Government ineffective because it's too scared of potential threats by the opposition.

Norman George says the only solution is for the country to go the polls amid reports of an attempt to oust the prime minister Henry Puna.

It's been reported that members of the opposition coalition last week approached members of the Government to jump ship.

Norman George says while the Government might be rubbishing the reports, there are signs it's feeling vulnerable.

"The continual postponement and adjournment of parliament, there's a lot of legislation sitting there to be passed. The Government of the day is too scared to hold longer parliamentary sessions. They had to pass the budget quickly, they guillotined it, meaning cut it short, and they couldn't wait to get out of the house."

Norman George says the anti-party hopping provision introduced in 2009 is a waste of time but says the Electoral Act could be strengthened by giving the electorate the right to recall MPs between elections.