Marshalls oversight hearings spark calls for resignations

5:22 pm on 26 June 2015

The annual oversight hearings of the Marshall Islands Public Account Committee have sparked calls for the attorney general to resign.

Marshall Islands parliament

Marshall Islands parliament Photo: Supplied

This comes after the foreign secretary says Attorney General Natan Brechtefeld advised him not to comment on a controversial bank account the government set up for the 2013 Pacific Islands Forum summit in Majuro.

The oversight hearings have generated strong criticism over accountability issues ranging from its purchase of an un-budgeted aircraft late last year to use of over $2 million in donor funds on the leaders' meeting.

The audit, issued in March, said the spending of nearly the entire $2 million violated the country's procurement law, and said the account itself, established outside the normal Ministry of Finance accounting system, violated the constitution.

Committee questioning of Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives about the Forum audit came to a halt when Foreign Secretary Bruce Kijiner said he was told by Mr Brechtefeld not to discuss the Forum bank account.