Lack of knowledge stalls Pacific vasectomies

7:51 am on 30 June 2015

A non-government organisation in Papua New Guinea says its biggest barrier to promoting men's sexual health is ignorance about vasectomy procedures.

Ministers, MPs and health specialists from around the Pacific attended an open hearing in New Zealand to discuss how to engage men and boys in sexual health initiatives.

The Marie Stopes organisation which works in the sexual health sector facilitated 1200 vasectomies in Papua New Guinea last year and is aiming to increase that number to 1700 this year.

But spokesperson Maarten van de Reep says men will only get vasectomies if they are given the right information.

"One of the misconceptions is around that it will reduce sexual performance or that it is akin to castration which is untrue or that it will somehow weaken the men and they would not be able to do physical labour to the same level as they were able to before the vasectomy."

Maarten van de Reep says it is using radio, text messaging campaigns and testimonials to spread the correct information about the procedure.

A surgeon in scrubs and white gloves with a tray of instruments.

Photo: 123RF

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