1 Jul 2015

Hundreds sign up for Samoa's first private sector union

4:14 pm on 1 July 2015

More than 600 workers have joined Samoa's newest workers union, and its coordinator says more people are signing up every day.

Jerome Mika

Jerome Mika Photo: Twitter

Samoan First Union, the country's first private sector union, was officially launched on Monday.

Jerome Mika says union representatives have been visiting hotels, construction sites and bus stops to ensure workers know their rights.

He says the union is getting huge interest from workers who are keen to know what the union can do for them.

"We have had a few issues of personal grievance come through which we are investigating at this stage. But also things like the NPF, the National Provident Fund deductions that employers are supposed to take out. A lot of workers have approached us talking about the NPF deductions out of their wages."

Jerome Mika says the huge sign up rate proves that there's an appetite for a private sector workers' union in Samoa.