3 Jul 2015

More sex education planned for Kiribati

7:30 am on 3 July 2015

The Kiribati Minister of Education says the school curriculum will be improved to ensure young people know more about sex, but more information also needs to come from the home.

Maere Tekanene

Maere Tekanene Photo: RNZI / Mary Baines

Maere Tekanene has been in New Zealand for an open hearing on sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Pacific.

She says a number of issues were discussed, including how to encourage more men to be part of antenatal checks and the role of parents and schools in sex education.

Ms Tekanene says while Kiribati has sex education in schools, it could be more comprehensive.

"I think we need to improve it. We need to cover the cultural, social aspects which are not in the curriculum. You know, even the economic impacts of it as well. You know sometimes you marry too early, you haven't got a job yet, who is going to look after your kids?"