7 Jul 2015

Vanuatu opposition backs social media limit

8:02 am on 7 July 2015

The Leader of the opposition group in Vanuatu says it will support the government's bid to regulate social media but not mainstream media.

Vanuatu politician Edward Natapei

Vanuatu politician Edward Natapei Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

Edward Natapei put forward the oppositions view today after Prime Minister Sato Kilman over the weekend threatened stricter media rules to curb what he called irresponsible reporting.

Mr Natapei says he believes the free rein enjoyed by the public on social media needs to be regulated.

"There needs to be some separation. We need to look at social media, how we can control that but to put in place any further restrictions on the media is going to be detrimental to the country at large."

Prime Minister Kilman's threat to regulate media come after weeks of heavy criticism across social and mainstream media in Vanuatu over his government's obscure position on West Papua's recent bid for membership to the MSG.