16 Jul 2015

Te Maeva Nui attracts hundreds from Cooks' outer islands

2:24 pm on 16 July 2015

Hundreds of people from the Cooks' outer islands have been pouring into Rarotonga ready to kick off Te Maeva Nui celebrations next week.

Hostels are packed out with more than 600 visitors who have been arriving by ship and plane over the past week for the 50th year celebrations of self governance.

According to the Cook Islands News the Ministry of Health is keeping a close eye on the visitors who experience colder temperatures when they get to the main island.

A nurse is stationed at each hostel to provide medical checks.

The government expects more than 1000 people from the Pa Enua or outer areas to attend the celebrations which are expected to be the biggest ever to match the 50 year milestone.

Thirteen teams will take part in cultural performances.

Te Maeva Nui opens next Thursday July the 23rd until August the 7th.