17 Jul 2015

Pacific leaders sign PACT

1:52 pm on 17 July 2015

The leaders of Polynesia hope a new declaration on climate change will help bring the issue away from the hands of science and into political action.

Polynesia Against Climate Threats

Polynesian Leaders Group meets in Tahiti to discuss climate change. Photo: Supplied

The Polynesian Leaders Group, made up of eight countries, are due to sign the Polynesia Against Climate Threats declaration in French Polynesia this afternoon at marae Taputapuatea.

This is ahead of the United Nations climate change conference in Paris at the end of the year.

The Premier of Niue and chairman of the Polynesian Leaders Group, Toke Talagi, says it's about getting the issue into the political sphere.

"We're putting it down in a way that it becomes a political document so that the politicians focus their attention on this. We've tended in the past to allow the scientists to dictate the terms. This is never about scientists any more. This is about the politicians making political decisions on climate change."

Toke Talagi says political leaders need to work together on the issue.

He says politicians can make an impact where scientists cannot.

Polynesian Leaders Group in Tahiti.

The Niue premier, Toke Talagi is greeted by the president of French Polynesia, Edouard Fritch in Tahiti. Photo: Supplied

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