21 Jul 2015

Solomon Islands education ministry reacts with reforms

8:50 am on 21 July 2015

The Ministry of Education in Solomon Islands says it has a new strategy, after a nationwide assessment led to the names of more than 50 teachers being removed from the payroll.

Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands

Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands Photo: RNZI / Annell Husband

The assessment discovered the government had been paying the salaries of teachers who had left their postings as much as 3 years ago and teachers' posts that had never been verified by the ministry.

The director of Teaching Services, Matthias Kutai, says a lack of resources made it difficult to monitor postings, especially in remote areas.

Mr Kutai says the reform strategy will improve the monitoring of teachers and where they are posted.

"We are putting tighter measures on our education authorities to actually come up with as soon as possible, as soon as they get the postings at the beginning of the year, and they really need to quickly verify these teachers that are not working. And then they have to send it to us so that we do the necessary actions that need to be taken."

Matthias Kutai.