22 Jul 2015

Convicted Samoan businessman ordered to bake bread

2:51 pm on 22 July 2015

A prominent Samoan businessman has escaped the maximum penalty of ten years in jail for a conviction of receiving stolen goods, with a creative sentence instead.

The man, who's name is suppressed by the court, was ordered to supply 100 loaves of bread to prisoners over the period of a year.

The man, who already supplies pastry foods to the Tafaigata and Olomanu prisons, must supply sweet buns and other food to the prisons every Sunday.

He was found to have received stolen goods at a price of 50,000 US dollars.

In a separate case the same penalty was imposed on another businessman who was convicted of the same offence last month.

He was ordered to supply 100 meals, over the course of a year, to feed offenders currently attending a probationary programme.