24 Jul 2015

Tuvalu gets Alice in Wonderland coin

9:38 am on 24 July 2015

The Perth Mint has struck a colourised Alice in Wonderland coin which is legal tender in Tuvalu.

CoinWeek magazine reports that the almost completely silver coin, which has a face value of one dollar, has been produced to mark the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's classic children's book.

On one side the coins has the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and on the other a depiction of Alice in full colour holding a small blue bottle with the message "Drink Me".

The coin also had the Cheshire Cat and a time piece ogling rabbit.

The stylised inscription "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 150 Years, replaces the dot of the "i" in Alice with a a red heart.

The coin has an actual market value of $US165 dollars.

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book, the Perth Mint has struck a colorized Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Silver Proof Coin. Bearing a denomination of $1, this .999 fine silver coin is legal tender on the island nation of Tuvalu.

Photo: Coinweek.com