25 Jul 2015

Cold affects visiting teams to Cook Islands

11:14 am on 25 July 2015

Cold weather in the Cook Islands capital is affecting visiting teams from the outer islands for the 50th self government anniversary celebrations with many down with the flu.

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Photo: Supplied

Rarotonga temperatures have dropped to 15 degrees celcius, considered to be really cold weather, especially for those in the teams that have travelled from the far north islands where it is warmer than the capital

One Cook Islands Party MP George Maggie Angene is demanding the government keep an outpatients clinic in the outskirts of Rarotonga open 24 hours seven days a week for the duration of the 50th anniversary festivities

The clinic is close to the hostels where outer islands teams are staying

Mr Angene says it can also help with any road accidents that occur in the area as the main hospital is too far away.

He believes the death of a young woman after a road accident this week in Rarotonga could have been avoided if the nearby clinic had been open.