28 Jul 2015

Guam fails to secure addditional EPA help

7:51 pm on 28 July 2015

The United States' Federal Emergency Management Agency has turned down a second appeal for assistance from individuals on Guam whose homes were damaged by Typhoon Dolphin.

The agency says that after a thorough review it has re-affirmed its original finding that the impact to individuals and households was not severe enough to warrant individual assistance.

Typhoon Dolphin hit the island on May 15th, prompting the Governor, Eddie Calvo, to request federal emergency help.

Guam was granted Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation but denied individual assistance.

The territory could appeal that decision, which it did, but the EPA has not budged.

Now the Guam Government is working with families who need help with their homes, and in some cases, is providing temporary employment if jobs have been lost due to the storm.