29 Jul 2015

NZ charity throws Solomons hospital a lifeline

8:54 pm on 29 July 2015

Solomon Islands national hospital is being thrown a lifeline of medical supplies donated by a New Zealand NGO, Take My Hands.

The under resourced hospital has come up with a wish list of its needs and Take My Hands is trying to source the equipment and supplies from around New Zealand.

The group's managing trustee Janette Searle says it will take a few weeks to complete the request but she hopes to fill two shipping containers of supplies for the hospital.

"Once we have got a really clear idea around what we can fit into that container. We send a full inventory of what we have got to the contacts in the ministry of health and at the hospital so that they can just double check that yep that is cool we want everything on the list or maybe take this off or add this and then we pack it and send it."

Janette Searle of Take My Hands

Janette Searle of Take My Hands Photo: Take My Hands