18 Aug 2015

Call for Cooks police to back motorcyle helmet push

2:06 pm on 18 August 2015

Pressure is on the Cook Islands police to take a stronger stand on road safety, including the push for helmets to be made compulsory for motorcycle users.

A major attraction of the Cook Islands are the scooters on which visitors can tootle around Rarotonga but rising road fatalities has led to a community campaign for change.

The Police Commissioner, Ma'ara Tetava, has been asked to back the compulsory helmet campaign but our correspondent, Florence Syme Buchanan, says he appears non-committal on the matter.

Commissioner Tetava has said if there is overwhelming evidence of the merits of helmets then there can be no other option, but Ms Syme Buchanan reports the helmet advocates want him to make a stronger commitment.

"And I think the Road Safety Council, various online groups that have been formed, to try and lobby the Government to enforce it, well they are asking the police to take a position. And what is happening now is that there has also been a call for better education of our young drivers."

"Cook Islands Helmets Save Lives: FB campaign

Campaigners for the use of helmets in the Cook Islands. Photo: Facebook - Cook Islands Helmets Save Lives

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