26 Aug 2015

Sport: Cook Islands keeping close eye on opposition

11:39 am on 26 August 2015

The Cook Islands are keeping a close watch on their opposition ahead of next week's first round of Oceania World Cup football qualifiers.

Cook Islands men's football coach Drew Sherman.

Cook Islands men's football coach Drew Sherman. Photo: Cook Islands Football Association

The men's national team are currently in Auckland for a training camp and face local club side North Shore United this evening before flying out to Nuku'alofa.

Their first match is against hosts Tonga on Monday and head coach Drew Sherman says they've done what they can to scout information on their rivals.

"Most of our homework has been done in terms of video analysis and looking at the games, like the Tonga game against Fiji last week, and keeping an eye on how American Samoa do so we're prepared and we can organise our team to play in a way that will hopefully mean we're prepared to win. Getting footage is difficult but we've had some match reports on how the team did and the line-up and the style of play in which Tonga play, and then a couple of highlights packages which have been sent over so yeah we've got a little bit of footage but it's difficult because there's not a massive amount of coverage on the island nations".

American Samoa and Samoa will also at the qualifying event - where one ticket to next year's second round will be up for grabs.