27 Aug 2015

ABU to help Pacific media embrace digital

6:22 pm on 27 August 2015

Pacific media executives from around the Asia/Pacific region have been looking at how they can help Pacific operators adapt to digital media.

The meeting in Samoa is facilitated by the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

The ABU's Director of Technology, Amal Punchihewa, says the transition for media to digital is recognised all over the world as a matter of survival.

He says the advanced media corporations of Asia have a lot to offer the Pacific in making sure they are not left out of the global digital movement.

"The ABU coming in to the Pacific to work with all the media stakeholders in this region, to enhance, to educate and then to further development of the media in this region."

ABU Pacific conference in Samoa.

ABU Pacific conference in Samoa. Photo: RNZI / Koroi Hawkins