3 Sep 2015

New Caledonia's Lecren under increasing heat to resign

2:24 pm on 3 September 2015

The leading party in New Caledonia's territorial government, Caledonia Together, continues to press for the resignation of a cabinet minister.

New Caledonia politician Anthony Lecren.

New Caledonia politician Anthony Lecren. Photo: Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes

Anthony Lecren was last week given a suspended two months' prison sentence for drunk driving.

The Caledonian Union politician, who is responsible for the department of environment and customary affairs, has appealed the decision.

Mr Lecren has not responded to a call last week by the President Philippe Germain for him to resign.

However Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes reports that the pro-independence politician is now in police custody, alleged to have made threats against a former girlfriend.

In a statement, Caledonia Together says if Anthony Lecren does not resign, the Caledonian Union must immediately take the initiative to replace him in the collegial government.