11 Sep 2015

Nauruan desperate to get deported husband back

6:50 pm on 11 September 2015

A Nauruan woman, expecting her fifth child within weeks, says she is doing everything possible to get her Chinese husband back into the country.

The man, Ma Dong, was deported from Nauru last Sunday, just four days after receiving a deportation advice from the Border Security Minister, David Adeang.

He is one of several Chinese removed from Nauru for supposed drugs offences but no charges were ever brought against them.

Police had searched a container and restaurants yet found nothing and sources on the island suggest the men have been deported to shield police from more embarrassment.

In response to attempts to seek clarification the Nauru Government says it does not discuss internal matters of justice with foreign media and has every right to uphold the law.

Last week the New Zealand Government suspended aid to the Nauru justice sector amid concerns at human rights abuses.

Ma Dong's wife says she had approached Mr Adeang who said there was nothing he could do - and that involvement with drugs is a very serious matter.

But she says she does not believe her husdand was doing anything illegal.

She says without him, she is struggling in every sense, and fears what will happen given he was the only breadwinner.