17 Sep 2015

Fiji opposition says country still in transition

6:32 am on 17 September 2015

Opposition leaders and community groups in Fiji say the country is still in transition a year after elections.

A year ago today, the former military leader Frank Bainimarama won a near two thirds majority in parliament after eight years of ruling by decree.

However, the opposition says bills are rushed through the parliament, it does not get a fair hearing in the media and the government is still acting autocratically.

The Fiji Media Association says tight restrictions need to be reviewed to enable the media to do its job.

And some community groups say a history of coups means people still don't feel free to speak their mind.

The government rejects this and says there is plenty of consultation. It says the opposition is not effective because it's in disarray.

It says Fiji has seen increased investment since the elections and a growing economy.

Fiji flag flies on the rooftop of parliament

Photo: RNZI/ Sally Round