22 Sep 2015

Dispute in American Samoa Fono over paying new employees

1:55 pm on 22 September 2015

An American Samoa senator has accused the governor of violating the law by paying new employees with money set aside for current workers.

Magalei Logovi'i says the Budget Act does not allow for increment payments earmarked for employees to be used for other purposes.

He says the Director of the Department of Human Resources, Sonny Thompson, told lawmakers that the Government is paying new employees base salaries of US$10,000 with funds that were earlier approved for current ones.

He says the government will end up paying more for each new employee, with costs such as federally-mandated payroll deductions.

Fellow senator Galeai Tu'ufuli told the Fono the practice must be scrapped and the money reallocated.

The American Samoa Legislature Fono building in Fagatogo

The American Samoa Legislature Fono building in Fagatogo Photo: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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