6 Oct 2015

Fiji to bring in scouting for final school term

8:21 am on 6 October 2015

Fiji will introduce scouting in its junior high school grades to account for the more than a month of free time between exams and school breakup.

The Education Minister Mahendra Reddy says students, especially those not from rural areas, will benefit greatly from the life skills on offer.

Mahendra Reddy, Education Minister, Fiji

Mahendra Reddy, Education Minister, Fiji Photo: Fijian Government

He says that even taking into account two weeks of prize giving ceremonies, there's a six-week period in the final term and it will be filled with educational and informal outdoor learning.

Dr Reddy says not all activities, such as weekend camps, will be compulsory.

"I think we need to deal with it wholistically in terms of really moulding them and giving them a a not only formal curriculum based education but a broader education which gives them hope to become a leading citizen of the country."