8 Oct 2015

Fiji manufacturers look for relief

3:10 pm on 8 October 2015

The Fiji Manufacturers Association says a shortage of skilled labour is one of the many challenges facing the industry there.

The Fiji Times reports the Association's interim president saying the sector is vital for the economy and plays a significant part in creating jobs.

The group will be submitting their concerns to government.

Daksesh Patel says the shortage of skilled labour doesn't mean government isn't doing anything to train people, he says it means the economy is growing at a faster pace than expected.

However Mr Patel says there is room for manufacturers to introduce new products which could earn greater revenue but the trick is to remain competitive which can only be achieved through government support.

Mr Patel says the dumping of inferior quality products from overseas manufacturers was another challenge government can help deal with.

He says larger nations are subsidising their manufacturers who were using the smaller nations as a dumping ground.

The association is writing to the government to appeal for more policy support.

Mr Patel says with the right support Fiji has the potential to become the manufacturing hub of the Pacific.