22 Oct 2015

Food supply shortage on remote American Samoa island

5:12 pm on 22 October 2015

Food supplies for American Samoa's School Lunch Programme have been unable to be delivered to the island of Manu'a.

Manu'a group, American Samoa s

Manu'a group, American Samoa Photo: Supplied

The Department of Education's deputy director, Faaui Vaitautolu, said last week that the department would be using the Tausani Airline to ferry school lunch supplies to Manu'a.

However, the airline's pilot is off island, and attempts are being made for store owners in Manu'a to provide food items to feed the school children until deliveries can be arranged.

But reports from Manu'a residents say store goods are also in short supply, and they don't think this is a viable option.

There has not been a boat trip to Manu'a for a month as the government vessel MV Sili is in need of engine repairs, and it's not known when it will be back in service.